Canggu Dream Studios & Villas is a family owned business.
We’re an expat family of four (plus two naughty Bali dogs) who fell in love with Bali many moons ago.
We decided to leave the stressful European life full of pressure behind us to start a new chapter in search of spirituality, deeper connection with nature and ice-cold coconuts.
Seven years ago, we embarked on an island journey and established a small enterprise with one villa. There is now twelve luxe villas and swanky apartment studios in our portfolio. We love accommodating people from all walks of life, who are seeking the same as we once have. Our mission is for you to see Bali through our own eyes, experience this magical island to the fullest and become infatuated with it as well.


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Canggu Dream Studios & Villas
PT Karunia Bumi Propery
Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

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